The advantages of premium quality materials and engineering know-how are built into every Legacy® High Performance battery to give you the most effective capacity and voltage for the long run.


Rapid charging pushes a battery to its design limits, requiring three times the standard charging rates and up to double the normal daily ampere hour (Ah) throughput. The Legacy® Rapid Charge battery is built to withstand these demands. It includes high performance positive plates, double intercell connectors and premium Douglas® tray coating.

The Legacy® Rapid Charge battery is designed to endure charge rates up to 40-60% of the battery’s rated capacity.


Legacy® Titanium HF Multi chargers deliver a new standard in efficiency. Four ports enables up to four batteries to be charged at the same time. Plus you get all the benefits of HF technology.

HF IGBT, or High Frequency Insulated Gated Bipolar Transistor, is a sophisticated charging technology that can charge a wide range of battery types while reducing maintenance time and energy costs. HF IGBT technology reduces utility demand and AC consumption to save you money. Because of the efficiencies and technology, this charger will provide you with longer battery life, which means less money being spent on your battery fleet.

Through this combination of HF technology and our charging profile, the Legacy® Titanium HF Multi will constantly diagnose the battery and adjust the charge. The result is a full and accurate charge every time.


The Legacy® Insight™ HF charger by Douglas™ Battery delivers a higher power factor and efficiency than conventional chargers.

The Legacy® Insight is also capable of opportunity charge and can automatically charge batteries of various voltages and capacities.


The Douglas™ Legacy® Neo™ HF charger is an excellent choice for many operations, due to the combined high efficiency and high power factory.

It’s small and compact, making it a great option for operations that lack the space for larger cabinet chargers.


The Legacy® Gold Series Charger combines a power supply tailored specifically for today’s advanced lead-acid batteries with a highly responsive state of charge sensor. The result is exceptional operation for maximized battery efficiency.

At the beginning of the charge cycle when the battery temperature is at its lowest point, the Legacy® Gold Charger supplies more current to ensure battery temperature control. And at the end of the charge cycle, when the charging current must be sufficient to allow the battery voltage to rise to an unconstrained level, the Legacy® Gold Charger provides the appropriate charge.


The Legacy® Platinum SCR Charger uses state-of-the-art controlled ferroresonant technology to manage the charge cycle and improve your battery’s performance.

Its precise control of the charge cycle protects batteries against overcharging, overheating and undercharging, which ultimately slows the battery aging process. And since charging is managed and terminated more accurately, you’ll also notice lower AC energy costs.

The Legacy® Platinum SCR Charger can be used with both sealed and flooded batteries. The 3-phase charger includes a selectable Opportunity Charger profile, which may reduce or eliminate battery changes during a shift or work day.